How to Make Nail Stencils

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How to make your own homemade nail art stencils; tutorial to make nail art stencils for airbrushing, nail polishing and all other nail arts at home.

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    Show your hidden artistic side and have cute designs on your nails. Nail stencils are simple but unique designs that improve the overall look of your nails. Stencils are basically exceptional images cut from good quality heavy paper. They provide you an opportunity to apply a ideal images on your toe and finger nails. If you find the nail stencils expensive to buy from a beauty store, then follow the simple steps given below and make them at your home: Things you will need to make nail stencils: - A cutting surface - Pattern sheet / heavy paper - such as card stock - Marker / Pencil - Scissor - Craft or Utility knife - Craft shaped hole punch “ optional

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