How to Make Mongolian Chicken

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How to Make Mongolian Chicken recipe at home using ingredients like chicken, corn starch, onions with cooking guide and tips to add vegetables, noodles, calories & easy guide

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    Mongolia is a country situated in central Asia, sharing borders with great empires of China and Russia. It is one of ancient countries of the world that has ties with old Mongol empire that was founded in 1206 by Genghis Khan. Mongolia is also known for variety of cuisines which is greatly influenced by Russian and Chinese cuisine. Most of these cuisines contain fatty foods and they use meat in almost all of their dishes. They do not prefer vegetables in their foods. Mongolian chicken is a very famous dish and is renowned in all around the world and is often served with rice. Following is the step by step recipe to make Mongolian chicken in few simple steps. Preparation time: 35 minutes Servings: 3 people Ingredients: - (1/2) kilo of chicken steak - (3) teaspoons of vegetable oil - (1) tablespoon of minced garlic - (1/2) cup of soya sauce - (2) tablespoons of vinegar - (1-1/2) cup of Oil to fry - (1/4) cup of corn starch - (1/2) teaspoon of fresh grated ginger paste - (1/2) cup of water - (1/2) cup of brown sugar - (3) spring onions

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