How to Make Liquid Shoe Stretch

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How to make liquid shoe stretcher at home using simple ingredients; follow simple steps, make your shoe stretcher and avoid buying expensive shoe stretchers.

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    Shoe stretching solutions are used on shoes that are tight and need a little stretching for them to fit your feet. They are easily available in different stores and shops, but if you cannot get your hands on them then there is no need to worry. As now you can easily make a liquid shoe stretching solution at your own place without investing much money and effort. This shoe stretching solution can be made by utilizing items which we already use at home. However, this solution is considered better for stretching leather shoes instead of others. You can also use wooden or plastic shoe stretcher in order to stretch the shoe after applying this liquid solution. In brief this liquid shoe stretch is an ideal way to stretch the shoes and you can make it easily by following the method explained in this guide. Things require to make liquid shoe stretch: - Rubbing Alcohol - Water - Bowl - Spray Bottle - Cotton Ball

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