How to Make Indian Carrot Pudding

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How to Make Indian Carrot Pudding using Eggs, bread crumbs, Nutmeg powder, cream, milk, carrots, flour & baking powder, step by Step Indian Carrot Pudding Recipe tips and cooking guide

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    Carrots are known to be rich source of Vitamin A or beta carotene which can help you to gain good eye health. Carrots are used in plenty of modern day foods. One of them is known as Carrot pudding. This is rich in taste and appealing dessert loaded with nuts, fruits and cream. This dish tastes delicious when eaten as hot. It is cooked with several methods. This guide will show you how you can make Indian style carrot pudding also known as Gajar Ka Halwa . Preparation Time: 25-30 minutes Serving Size: 2 or 3 people Ingredients: - One or two Eggs - One cup white bread crumbs - A nip of Nutmeg powder - One cup icing sugar - Half cup fresh cream - Half cup milk - One cup carrot paste - Half cup flour - Two tablespoons of Raisins - One tablespoon of baking powder - 5 to 6 Cashew nuts for garnishing

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