How to Make Hand Cream at Home

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How to make homemade hand cream at home with natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, olive oil; guide to make hand cream for kids and adults with dry skin.

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    Our hands and feet are equally important as is our face. Taking good care of hands is very necessary and only a good hand cream can make our hands look prettier and younger. Many good brands are available in the market for hand creams or lotions and you can always buy them but the ones that are prepared at home are much better then those, as they are the ones that are free of any harmful preservatives! Most of the time the main ingredients in every other hand cream are beeswax and almond oil as they make hands softer and beautiful if applied daily. But you can prepare it using any other ingredient too, the choice is yours. So are you ready to prepare your own hand cream? Let's get started. Supplies: - Old Hand Cream Container - 1 Ceramics Container - Sauce Pan - 1 spoon (stirring sake) - 2 tablespoons Beeswax(Hot) - 2 tablespoons Almond Oil - 2 tablespoons Rosewater

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