How to Make Fishcakes

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How to Make Fishcakes using potatoes, fish meat, lemon, flour, garlic, eggs, mustard, chillies & bread crumbs. Step by Step guide for making best thai fish cake recipe at home.

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    What if you are left with some unused mashed potatoes? You have two options either to put them in bin or to use them for a very tasty and easy to make dish. And if we talk about using leftover mashed potatoes then the first thing that comes to our minds is none other than fishcakes. Homemade fishcakes are rich in taste as well as much healthy as compared to the ones bought from the market. Following steps will help you to make very tasty and crispy fish cakes using mashed potatoes and fish along with other easily available ingredients. Cooking Time: 40 minutes Serving Size: up to 4 people Ingredients: - 250 grams mashed potatoes - 250 grams of fish meat - Oil for frying - Two tablespoon of lemon juice - Two tablespoon of white flour - 2 tablespoon of garlic paste - One egg - One teaspoon of salt - One tablespoon of coriander leaves - Quarter teaspoon of turmeric - Half teaspoon of mustard seeds - Half teaspoon of red chili powder - Quarter teaspoon cumin powder - Two finely sliced green chilies - One cup of bread crumbs

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