How to Make Fireball Shooter Step by Step

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How to Make Fireball Shooter Cocktail at home. guide for making Fireball Shooter Cocktail recipe using white rum, cinnamon schnapps liqueur, Tabasco hot sauce ingredients.

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    Fireball shooter as its name shows is yet another exciting alcoholic mixture containing Cinnamon Schnapps liqueur, White Rum and Tabasco hot sauce. The three ingredients together make this beverage more thrilling and stimulating. Swiss Cinnamon schnapps is perfect to be used for this drink, which has very thin, yet visible gold leaf flakes floating in it. White rum or light rum, the other main ingredient can be obtained easily from a local store. The third main ingredient, i.e. Tabasco sauce is a must because it has a hot, spicy flavor which actually creates the spark in the drink. If you're planning to organize a party at your home and want to let your guests feel a thrill in the drink, Fireball shooter is probably the best option. You must not worry about making it quickly, as the following guide details how to prepare a shooter known as a Fireball. In case your party is in a bar and the bartender doesn't know how to make it, you'll know how to tell them. Preparation time: 2-6 minutes Serving size: 01 Utensils: Shot glass, Cocktail shaker Ingredients; - White rum (3/4 oz) - Cinnamon schnapps liqueur (3/4 oz) - Tabasco hot sauce (2-4 drops) - Ice

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