How to Make Feminist T-Shirts

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How to design, print and get ready t shirts with feminist slogans. Quick guide to make feminist t shirts at home and save money on custom t shirt designs.

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    Your t shirt might just be the best place to let people know about your thoughts. Freedom of thought and expression are two rare gifts our generation enjoys. It has come at the great expense of previous generations and so has to be used with responsibility. If you are a feminist at heart, believe women are being wronged on the basis of their gender and you want to voice it, grab a t shirt and start being an activist in a creative way. You can of course buy t shirts with feminist messages on the internet and in the market, but making your own is much more fun because the design and text can be unique and personal. Follow our step by step guide to know three exciting ways to make your plain shirt a symbol of feminism. Time required: 1 hour Things you need: Cotton t shirt, paints, fabric markers

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