How to Make Custard on the Stove

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how do you make custard from scratch. Guide for making a custard pudding recipe using milk, vanilla, strawberry, banana custard powder & sugar at home for kids & children.

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    Custard represents a variety of culinary preparations, varying in thickness based on the amount of custard powder or egg is used. Custard is mainly used in preparing deserts, either as its own dish or as a filling or topping for other items like banana pudding, lemon custard pie and coconut custard pie etc. The word custard is originated from "crustade," which means a tart with crust.  This simple guide details how to make custard on your stovetop. Preparation Time: Approximately 30 minutes Serving Size: 5 to 6 Utensils: Large Saucepan, Non-metal Spatula, Ladle or Large and Small spoons, Small bowl, Serving dish Ingredients; (2.5 cups) Milk (3 tablespoons) Custard Powder (3 tablespoons) Sugar

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