How to Make Clothes Glow in the Dark

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How to make your clothes glow in the dark during a birthday or any other party. Tips and ideas to add glow to your clothes or specific parts, so they look prominent on an event.

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    Style at times calls for looking different and coming out with a distinct undertone to your costume and accessories. Different people use different methods like selecting catchy color schemes or getting clothes glow in the dark to make an impression on peers. If you feel like glowing your clothes in the dark then don't bother about it because it is a simple process and won't require much of your time or effort. You can either opt for a temporary glow' or a permanent glow'. For temporarily giving a glow to your clothes you would require glow-in-the-dark-powder', a cup and a waterbottle. Should you go for a permanent glow to your clothes, will need fabric paint, a cardboard and a cutter.

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