How to Make Clothes Fire Resistant

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How to make you clothes fire resistant. Follow simple steps and easy guide and treat your clothes rightly for fire resistance.

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    Fire is a pretty dangerous thing as it cannot only take lives, but can also cause damage even in case of a slight encounter. Therefore, people around the world always remain concerned about their loved ones who work at places where they often have to get close to the fire. Similar is the case with small children who are not aware of the damages of fire and so, often get burnt. To avoid any such situation now people can follow a simple solution given in this guide to make clothes fire resistant. With the help of this solution you can make your children and loved ones' clothes fire resistant, as it will not allow clothes to catch fire. In addition to this with the help of this solution you can also protect your sofas, curtains, carpets and much more by simply spraying it on them and then allowing them to dry normally. Things you will need to make your clothes fire resistant: - Bucket, five-gallon - Water, one-gallon - Borax, nine ounces - Boric Acid, four ounces - Paint Stir Stick (for stirring) - Spray Gun (optional)

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