How to Make Chicken Jalfrezi Stuffed Capsicums

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How to Make Chicken Jalfrezi Stuffed Capsicums at home, step by step guide for making chicken Jalfrezi using garlic paste, chili sauce, cooking oil, capsicum, ketchup & potatoes

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    If you are fond of Indian cuisine then you must have seen a very popular Indian dish in almost all Indian restaurants called Jalfrezi or Zalfrezi. It is another type of curry in which dry and very thick sauce is prepared with pieces of vegetables and meat fried in cooking oil. It is cooked with pepper and sometime served with cream. This dish is full of vitamins and proteins as it contains majority of vegetables and meat. Following is the step by step guide to cook Jalfrezi stuffed in Capsicums and it is slightly different as compared to jalfrezi you have seen in most of the restaurants. Preparation Time: 30 minutes Serving Size: 4 to 5 people Ingredients: - Salt as required - One teaspoon of ginger and garlic paste - One teaspoon of chili sauce - One teaspoon of crushed red chili - Half cup of peeled green peas - Half cup of cooking oil - Eight pieces of capsicum - Half cup of tomato ketchup - one teaspoon of roasted cumin powder - Three chopped green chilies - Two boiled potatoes - One grated carrot - Six pieces of Boiled boneless chicken

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