How to Make Avocado Baby Food

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How to make Avocado Baby Food at home. Detailed guide on peeling and mashing Avocado and prepare delicious food for your baby at home.

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    Oh snap, you read correct. There may be a good chance your baby becomes an avocado fan before your neighbour. The truth is, avocado is a nutrition powerhouse, citing potassium, calcium, iron, along with Vitamins A and C. There is also the fact that avocados are rich in essential fats. We certainly hope you eat them as well. The following guide details everything you require as well as the process involved in creating wonderful and natural home made avocado baby food to feed your 4-6 month old. Preparation Time: 5 minutes Serving Size: 2 to 3 Utensils: a plate and fork, a food processor or similar device (optional), a clean plastic food container with a tight lid and a spoon.

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