How to Make Appletini Cocktail

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How to make Appletini Cocktail using vodka, Apple sourz, sweet & sour mix. Guide to Appletini cocktail recipe preparation time, ingredients, servings for parties and events.

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    It is time to show how to make and thoroughly enjoy one of the world's best drinks known as an Appletini Cocktail. This gorgeous drink is a perfect blend of Vodka, sweet and sour mix, and apple juice, apple cider or apple liqueur. In addition to that, this amazing drink is so refreshing and light that you will not even notice that you are taking a drink. Make sure to use fine quality ingredients in order to make improve the taste of Appletini Cocktail. It is very easy to make and perfect for any occasion under the sun. An Appletini Cocktail is best served in any of your favorite long stemmed martini glass but you can use other cocktail glass as well. Preparation Time: Approximately 3 minutes Serving Size: 01 Utensils: Cocktail shaker, Cocktail glass, Ingredients; (35 ml) Apple sours (60 ml) vodka (6 to 8) Ice cubes A dash of sweet and sour mix 1 slice of Granny Smith apple for garnishing “optional

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