How to Make Agua De Valencia Cocktail

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How to make Agua De Valencia Cocktail using champagne, orange juice, cointreau & sugar. Guide to Agua De Valencia cocktail recipe preparation time, ingredients, servings for parties and events.

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    Agua De Valencia Cocktail is a Spanish drink and is known as Valencian Water.  The origin of this cocktail comes from the bar Café Madrid de Valencia, Spain. In 1959, Constante Gil first served this amazing cocktail. Gin, orange juice, vodka, and Champagne are the basic ingredients of the famous Agua De Valencia Cocktail. However, you have the option to replace Champagne with Cava, which is a simple glimmering Spanish wine prepared by the common champagne method. It is best served in a large cocktail jug between a group of family member, friends, or colleagues. You can simply ask them to take the cocktail in their cocktail glasses according to their need. Preparation Time: Approximately 5 minutes Serving Size: 5 to 6 Utensils: Pitcher jug, Cocktail glasses, Mixing spoon Ingredients; (200 ml) Orange Juice (50 ml) Gin (50 ml) Vodka (700 ml) Cava (or Champagne) Pinch of sugar lemon/lime wedges or cranberries for garnishing “optional Ice cubes

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