How to Kill Cotton Parasites on Skin and Clothes

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How to kill cotton parasites found in clothes and moving over skin. Tips and home remedies to get rid of cotton parasites easily and effectively.

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    Parasites always need a host to live and feed upon. Cotton gets parasite in the fields where they serve as an insecticide and then at times these parasites are carried all the way into the garment. Once the garment is worn by somebody, these parasites are transferred to the skin and may cause harm to the body and skin itself. However, you should not panic if you suspect parasites in your clothes or skin as these can be easily gotten rid of. If you are going to clean parasites from your clothes then you will need paper bag, oven and a bowel of water. On the other hand, if you are seeking to get rid of any parasites from your skin then all you need is a scabies topical cream.

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