How to Jailbreak the iPod Touch Safely

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I just bought an iPod Touch, but it is not jailbroken. How can I jailbreak the iPod touch safely so that I can enjoy all third party apps?

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  1. Danial
    In order to jailbreak an iPod Touch, you’ll need:<br /> 1. Computer with available hard drive space<br /> 2. Wireless Internet connection<br /> 3. USB cable<br /> • Do not upgrade the software on your iPod touch if you want to jailbreak I, because the Jailbreaking may not work with recent system updates. If you have system updates for your iPod, be sure to save them on the hard drive of your computer to use after you have opened up the iPod through the jailbreak process.<br /> • You will need a wireless Internet connection for your iPod touch to initiate the jailbreaking so make sure that it is available. <br /> • Back up all your music, photos and other media from your iPod touch onto your computer. During jailbreaking, the media will be erased from the iPod. <br /> • Now to start jailbreaking process for your iPod Touch, connect your iPod to your computer, open iTunes and click on "Transfer purchases" to save music and video files to your computer.<br /> • Disconnect your iPod from your computer and open Safari from the home screen. Through Safari, you can run the required application that unlocks the iPod touch to make it write-accessible. Point your iPod browser to the AppSnapp Website and the necessary code will automatically run on your iPod.<br /> • Expect Safari to quit and then your iPod to restart itself after the jailbreak code downloads. This is normal and part of the jailbreak process. This may take a few minutes.<br /> • Use the USB cable to connect your iPod to your computer after your iPod restarts. Launch iTunes and sync your favorite music, videos and photos to your newly jailbroken iPod touch. You can now update the system software if you wish.<br />  </p>

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