How to Install Ceramics Ball Mill Machine Correctly?

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How to Install Ceramics Ball Mill Machine Correctly?

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     As we all known that the mining machinery industry is more and more important with the development of ecomomics, and there are so mnay kinds of mining equiment in the market at domestic now. Such as impact rotary crusher, portable crusher, rotary kilns and dryer machines and so on. But have you ever heard of the ceramics ball mill grinder up to now? And do you know how to install this type grinding mills?

    Ceramic ball mill machine is mainly used for material mixing, grinding, uniform product fineness, save power.As well as dry milling and wet milling.The ball mill machine can according to production need to adopt different kinds of lining board, in order to meet the differentNeeds. The fineness of grinding operation, relying on the milling time control on its own.Motor since the reduced pressure, reduce the starting current, its structure is divided into integral detached.This product has less investment, compared with similar products and energy saving province electricity, novel structure, convenient operation, the use of safe, stable and reliable performance, etc.


    The installation of ball mills, you should install the main bearing. In order to avoid adding hollow shaft neck shoulder and bearing liner wear, two main bearing base plate of the elevation difference, in per meter length should not be more than 0.25 mm. Second, the installation of the ball grinding mill cylinder body, combined with the specific conditions, can be assembled in advance good whole simplified department directly, also can be divided into several parts installation, should check and adjust the shaft neck and the center of the ball mills must ensure that the concentric error in per meter length should be less than 0.25 mm. Final installation transmission of components (pinion, uranium, coupling, reducer, motor, etc.).During the installation process, should according to the product technical standard for measurement and adjustment. Check ring gear radial runout and small gear meshing performance;Reduction gear and small gear concentricity;And concentricity of motor and reducer. After all installation required, just can make foundation bolt and the end of the main bearing bottom water.

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