How to Find Surface Area of Solids

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Learn how to find Surface Area of Solids like rectangle, cuboids, cylinder, cone, prism, sphere and pyramid. Step by step formulas, tips & instructions to find the surface area.

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    When we talk about solids, it means things that have a definite volume and a certain shape. From a mathematical perspective, solids are shapes such as rectangle, cuboid, cylinder, cone, prism, sphere, and pyramid. Students start learning about these shapes from elementary level and by the time they reach higher level in their academics, they have to handle certain problems related to these shapes. One of the problems they have to handle involves finding surface area of the above listed shapes. As far as finding the area is concerned, that is easy to find and it can be derived by<span style="color: #ff0000"> <span style="color: #000000">multiplying the length of the rectangular object with the breadth. However, if there is a question of finding the surface area, then many students are at sea. This article will guide students about finding surface area of different shapes.

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