How to Enter p***s into v****a?

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How to Enter p***s into v****a?

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  1. Guest25210224

    I just wanna have s*x who wants to do it with me?

         lots of love

                   the f**k girl.


  2. Guest22728729

    legs up up side. slowly slowly put inside and out....than continue

  3. Guest19864068
    My p***s is very small and soft.I am continuing masterbation.That is the question....How to strong my p***s???????
  4. Guest15801378
    Are you on crack?
  5. Guest15405744
    one hand p***s & press in to v****a then press you up down
  6. Guest14659259
    i wanna f**k
  7. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Be gentle and soft....make sure she is well lubricated so it slides in easily....use ky gel... it will take time...relax there is no rush....keep her relaxed and feeling good..kiss and carress her and make her feel loved and she will start to desire you and will want you to make love to her....foreplay is important for arousel and enjoyable love making

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