How to Enable IOS 5 Features on iPhone 2G Step by Step Guide

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How to Enable IOS 5 Features on iPhone 2G. Guide to install the new iPhone 2G firmware using whited00r updates. iPhone 2g jailbreak iOS

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    After the launch of iPhone 3GS, Apple decided to obsolete the iPhone 2G by not releasing any further iOS updates after 3.1.3. Apple say that the processor in iPhone2G will not be capable of processing the new iOS updates and it will decrease the overall performance. Many developers team struggle to find a way to install the new iOS updates in iPhone 2G but failed to do so because the graphics and processing required for the new iOS was no match for the processor in iPhone 2G. Whited00r a team of developers finally came up with a solution that instead of installing the new iOS in iPhone 2G why not add the features that are updated in the new version. Whited00r successfully created restore files which gave iPhone 2G users a chance to have multitasking, video recording and many other features that were available in iOS 4 or later. Currently Whited00r is offering iOS 5 update for iPhone 2G which is available to download from their website. The iOS update is free and the website in return request to have some donation for the work they have compiled.

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