How to Draw a Distance Time Graph

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How to make a distance time graph in excel sheet. Step by Step Guide for making a distance vs time graph with examples, instructions formulas to show a collection of data.

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    It's only few more days to go for your final exams and if you happen to be a science student then there might be a few things you need to work on. Talking about science subjects, there are so many things that keep confusing you despite the fact that you have tried everything to learn and understand them. One such topic is related to Physics and is called Distance-Time Graph which may prove to be confusing if this is the first time ever you are preparing for a Physics exam. As the name implies, the Distance-Time graph actually shows a relation between distance travelled by a body and the time it has taken. In other words we can say that a Distance-Time graph used to find the velocity of a body with respect to distance and time. This article will guide the students on making a simple Distance-Time graph.

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