How to Draw Tattoo Designs

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how to draw tattoo designs step by step. Use the guidelines to draw tattoo designs of henna, roses, flower, Maori, crosses, butterfly, angles, alphabets.

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    If you want to scare someone in a different way, perhaps one good for doing so is make a tattoo sign on any part of the body and show it to that person you are trying to scare. It may sound weird but the truth is that drawing tattoos on different parts of the body is becoming a trend in many parts of the world. The tattoo signs are drawn on hands, arms, legs, chest, belly and the back. There are certain institutes that provide special training in making the tattoo signs. However, one can draw these tattoo signs on our walls as a part of room decoration quite easily by just knowing a few important things. Needed Items: Tracing paper Fine sharp markers Desired tattoo design Sharp cutter or blade Permanent marker

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