How to Do a Rubix Cube Step by Step

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How to solve a Rubix Cube step by step. Use the in-depth process to do a rubix cube easy way for 4*4, 5*5, part 2, blind folded with simple tips instructions, guidelines images, plans and procedures.

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    Solving Rubix Cube doesn't interest the puzzle lovers only, instead every other person who happen to see it tries solving it once at least. It's not just an ordinary puzzle, but a 3D mechanical game that involves extensive mental activity. Probably this is the reason for which every year many international Rubix Cube contests are held. If you've come across Rubix Cube and couldn't solve it at first, you might be de-motivated, however, if you know some basic tricks, i.e. algorithms on which the Rubix cube work, you can solve it in minutes.

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