How to Do Scoobies with 4 Strings

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How to do scoobies with 4 strings, step by step for kids and adults to make scoobies circle, strings, square etc with materials at home. Quick guide for beginners, kids & children.

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    There are many things lying idle or rather useless in a corner of your house and you often think of discarding them. However, with some creativity these things can be used to make many useful stuff that may prove to be quite artistic at the same time. One thing that is commonly available in almost every house is a spool of string and it can be used to make a number of useful crafts. If you are busy in doing something at home but being bugged by the kids at the same time, these strings can prove to be good toys for them. There are just a few tricks that can make your learn doing Scoobies. Things needed: 4 plastic laces, 2 feet long with each of different color Scissor or blade

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