How to Clean White Gold Jewelry

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How to clean white gold jewelry easily at home. Follow easy steps and quick tips to clean white gold jewelry at home using dish soap or ammonia.

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    White gold is actually alternative to silver, yellow gold and platinum that has been coated with rhodium. White gold jewelries have become increasingly popular, representing a well-known choice for engagement and wedding rings. Gold of all types are valuable assets and serve as an investment over time. In addition to that, it is used as in inflation hedge and currency influence. In cleaning your white gold jewelry, our main concern is the safety of your gold over time and its overall long-term health. Storing jewelry in its case is also ideal and keeps your pieces cleaner. This simple guide details everything you need as well as the process involved in cleaning your white gold jewelry safely and effectively. Things you will need to clean White Gold Jewelry Two large glass or plastic bowls Ammonia (1 tablespoon) or dish soap (1 tablespoon) The softest bristled toothbrush you can find 2 clean cloths (1 microfiber and 1 cotton) Microfiber cloth

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