How to Clean Water with Sunlight

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How to Clean Water with Sunlight at home for science project. Complete instructions for Cleaning Water with Sunlight with examples, video tutorials images, methods & guidelines.

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    It is often advised by doctors to drink purified water to avoid germs that can enter the body via water intake. A normal person may think that purifying water will be quite a process that involves a lot of time as well as special equipment. Quite surprisingly, it is very simple to purify water by just exposing it to sunlight. If you are a middle school student who is looking for ideas on science projects then this idea can be a truly useful one. This will not only earn you good marks, but will also prove to be an important source of information for many others. In order to conduct this experiment of purifying water, you need to have the below mentioned equipment readily available. Things Needed: - Broad plastic basin - Collecting jar for purified water - Transparent plastic sheet - String or rubber band for holding the plastic sheet - Stone or weight - Table Salt

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