How to Celebrate International Jugglers Day

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How International Jugglers Day is Celebrated on 18 April. Step by Step activities, Ideas & crafts for celebrating International Jugglers Day at home with family, friends, colleagues & kids

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    Since today is the International Jugglers Day, so learning juggling can perhaps prove to be the best celebration for this day. To practice juggling, take two soft balls in your hands and start tossing them up such that their locations are interchanged every now and then. Keep on doing this till you are able to do it smoothly and with continuity. Once you are comfortable juggling two balls, add another one and start tossing them up in the same way. This will be something entertaining not only for you, but for someone watching you do it as well. It may require sometime to have a good grip, but practicing will always lead to perfection. Considering that 18th April is meant for Jugglers, so there can be some good celebrations associated with it.

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