How to Buy Your First Horse

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You may have heard of some people who love animals, i fit that bill to the fullest. I am now getting in to breeding/care and would love to find out How to Buy Your First Horse

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  1. farishah

     Owning your first horse is a very exciting prospect. It is ultimately what every rider aspires to.Visualise those lazy summer hacks down country lanes; competing at your local show; that first place rosette!!! In reality finding and maintaining your perfect horse may not be as easy or as cost effective as you first think.

    Before buying or loaning your first horse you need to consider the following issues:
    Time dedication
    Your ability
    Your finances
    Facilities available
    Choosing the right horse
    Long term considerations
    Where to start looking
    Viewing a potential horse
    The first few weeks
    What to do next..

  2. Guest27974287
    I love animals also and have done extensive online research to find sites, which can help you. Here is what you are looking for

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