How to Build an SEO Friendly Website?

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My client asked me to build an SEO friendly website, I am a good developer but not an SEO expert, please help\

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  1. Weldon Younkin

    An SEO friendly website is the one, which is error free and well optimized as per Google standards.
    Well there are some pre-determined standards which a website should follow. They are:
    Proper Title tag
    Meta tags
    Alt tags etc
    However, in order to build best SEO friendly site, I would recommend you to get in touch with some experts of this field, they will help you by sharing all the minor aspects of ON page optimization.


  2. anderson 9

    Building a SEO friendly website is a d**n hectic task than creating an attractive website.But I would say its simple process of just few minutes and for only just few bucks with 100% SEO Friendly website is a reality in just 5 minutes with attractive WordPress Themes along with more advanced features like Blogs,SlideShows,Forums,Forms for only just 4$.


  3. SEO Expert
    Website minimalism is fine, but unsightliness is not. Keep aesthetics in mind and build your website using features and components that are attractive to Web crawlers. That's the key in creating a well-designed, SEO-friendly website. Moderated Flash animation Topic management system Word-based URL structure Effective 'About' and 'Contact' pages Properly-organized photos

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