How to Build a Staircase

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How to Build a Staircase step by step. Get thorough procedure for build a spiral staircase around a tree and landing with simple tips instructions, guidelines images, plans and procedures.

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    Polish your carpentry capabilities and build your own beautiful and strong staircase. Building a staircase requires proper time and concentration as it is all about measurements and materials. However, a handmade staircase is less expensive as compared to ready-made staircases. Handmade staircase has another advantage that you can customize it according to your requirement. You can use a staircase for so many purposes as you can use it get from one floor of your house or office to another and many more. Although building a staircase is simple but construct t according to a proper plan, sketching a rough blueprint of your staircase. Make sure that the size of all stairs is same in size and width. Things you will need to build a staircase Stringers Risers Lumber Oriented strand board (OSB) Driller Concrete nails Metal brackets Treads Nails

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