How to Build a Raised Deck

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How to Build a Raised Deck step by step. Read the precise procedure for building a raised deck with a building with instructions, tips, tutorials, techniques & procedures.

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  1. Adam Cornett

    Wooden decks adds protection and beauty to your home. If you wish to install raised decks then I would like to suggest you to choose wooden decks with the help of deck constructors[] in your local area.

  2. Guest28009493
    Having a deck in your house can prove to be a nice place for relaxing and also entertaining yourself. However, apart from the way you have built the deck and are using it, it is its design that actually matters. Two different decks can possibly have the same look but the construction techniques used may be different in each case. Hence if you have a home built relatively higher off the ground, then you should always be going for the raised deck option. It may possibly take you a few days to build a raised deck, but besides being something practical, it also adds up to the beauty of your house. Hence, following a few basic steps can help you build a raised deck yourself. Needed Equipments: Lumber Deck screws Metal flashing Power saw Joist hangers, 90-degree and u-shape Batterboards Mason string Chalk line Level Portable power mixer Bags of ready-mix concrete Power auger or shove

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