How to Build a Porch with Roof

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How to Build a Porch with roof, step by step. Quick do it yourself guide for building a porch, framing and laying roof attached to house or mobile home.

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    It is often good to have a porch in a building or a house so as to add up to the entrance. Basically the porch is a covered platform, with a separate roof at the entrance of a building. More simply, we can say that it is more like a verandah, that can be a simple open or enclosed room and even a gallery connected to a building. While building a house, there is a possibility that you may run short of funds and it may become difficult to build a porch, or due to some other reason you left the idea of porch that time. Now if you need a porch with a roof, you can do it yourself. Follow the quick steps and build your own porch easily. Needed items: Pieces of wood with length 4x 4, 2x8 and 2x4 feet. Heavy duty bolts Screws 5/8 inch plywood Roofing felt Roofing nails

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