How to Build a Pond

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How to Build a Pond step by step. Get complete help for building a pond and waterfall in backyard with instructions, tips, tutorials, techniques & procedures.

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    Pond is a significant accumulation of standing water that enhances the overall beauty of nature, your house, and business. Ponds are usually smaller than a lake and are naturally occurring most of the time. However, if you have a basic know how of construction, then you can easily build a backyard pond. An average pond size is an ideal one, measuring about 12 x 16 feet. You can build your pond in any shape that you like but it is better to build a small kidney-shaped pond in the first experience. Not only the pond enhances the overall beauty of the location, but is a perfect place for many dwelling invertebrates and the eye-catching insects like water boatman, pond skater, diving beetle, the water scorpion, and the whirligig beetle.

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