How to Build a Patio

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how to build a patio step by step at home with tips. Read precise procedure for Building a Patio cover, roof, deck, bar, bench, fireplace, room, enclosures, arbor & area at home

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    If you have a nice spacious backyard in your house, you would often want to sit there so as to enjoy reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee in your hand. However, if the backyard is kind of untidy and muddy it may seem more like a haunted place in your house. Nevertheless, if you are able to build patio in the backyard then this will not only be a welcoming feature to it, but will also add to the look of your house. You may possibly think that it is difficult to build it, but it requires a few basic skills for a homeowner to do so. Things required: Measuring String and stakes Mattock, rake and shovel Landscape fabric (optional) Gravel Screed Sand Pavers or simple bricks Brick Hammer Compactor (hand or automatic)

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