How to Build a Brick Wall

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how to build a brick wall step by step yourself. Use the precise guide, instructions, tutorials & process for building internal, curved, brick wall, small, garden, fence, house & cost to build a wall.

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    There are times when you have to do some type of construction without any helper or mason available. For example, there was a heavy rain and the brick wall of your garden has fallen and you have to erect it again to ensure safety of your house. Although it seems difficult, but you will be surprised to know that there is no rocket science involved in erecting a brick wall in your house or anywhere that it is required. There are just a few things that you need to know and take care of while mounting a brick wall without engaging a mason. Required Items: Bricks Water supply Shovel Plastic sheet Plywood Sheer Brick trowel Spirit level Plumb line

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