How to Add Vista Style Sidebar Back to Windows 7

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Guide on How to Add Vista Style Sidebar Back to Windows 7 on your operating system. Step by step methods. Guide, process & procedures to use windows vista side bar panel

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  1. Guest28007830
    We are living in an era of science and technology where new inventions and innovations are being made in every field of life on daily basis. Same is the case with computer and co-related technology. It was a time when people were insisting for P2, P3 and P4 systems but with the arrival of Intel technology like Core i, things have changed to manifolds. Likewise, Windows have also been upgraded to the new and latest versions. Every upcoming versions bring in new things with it which facilitate the users in a much better and lucid way. If you make a shift from Vista to Windows 7 you can miss the Sidebar that was offered to you in Vista version. And to add Vista style Sidebar back to Window 7, let's take a close look how things work step by step in this regard. The process is very simple and straight as there is no rocket science involved in it.

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