How to Add TV Channel Logos to Windows 7 Media Center Step by Step Guide

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How to Add TV Channel Logos to Windows 7 Media Center on your pc or laptop. Get procedures, methods and guidelines to customize your windows media center

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    In the operating system, Windows XP the developers Microsoft has created an application known as the Windows Media Center. It is responsible to provide users, the facility of digital video recording and media player, it also comprises of the techniques to record live television and play music and videos. This software actually facilitates a user by all means to get entertained by the media related features. The Windows Media Center consists of free plug-in channel logs, which makes the entire thing very easy and convenient for user. Sometimes we may get bored by the ordinary channel listings, for which Microsoft has deduced a proper procedure to add TV channel logos to Windows Media Center. To enjoy nice and colourful logos following steps will definitely help you out.

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