How strong Toyota Tundra pickup truck is?

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I want to know about the strength of Toyota Tundra pickup truck, I am interested in buying this truck, but first I would like to know about its features?

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  1. johnmatt

    I think this truck is really a best and it also has the very good result and comments from customers.But i also want to tel you about the AMW trucks
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  2. Tom Reeds

    Toyota Tundra pickup truck is the only large pickup truck which warned the top rating of good overall roof strength evaluation. It has overall much better rating than its competitors like Nissan Titans, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150. Tundra also earned the Institute’s 2011 Top Safety Pick award after the earning of top ratings in the previous front, side and also the rear evaluations for having electronic stability control that started in pickups like Ford F-150 and Tundra.
    There is a series of test which is conducted in order to measure the strength of the vehicle, a metal plate is then pushed against one corner of a vehicle’s roof and hit by the vehicle a constant speed. The maximum force that is sustained by the roof before 5 inches of the crush is compared to the weight of the vehicle in order to find the strength-to-weight ratio. This is a much good assessment of vehicle structural protection in rollover crashes.
    In our latest tests, Tundra's roof withstood a force of almost 4.5 times weight. The roof of Ford F-150 withstood a force equal to 4.7 times the weight of vehicle. Vehicles with a strength-to-weight ratio of about 4 or higher can earn a good rating. The good rating and Top Safety Pick designation for the Ford F-150 apply to all the pickups manufactured after February 2011 as Ford made changes to the roof structure to better protect occupants in rollover crashes.
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