How should I dress to see a performance?

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I have my question regarding my dress up for what I am going to see early next year, the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House. I have never been to the ballet before. I want to know what should I wear, a dinner suit or is it not necessary to dress as smart?

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  1. Harry

    As far as the dressing for attending a ballet is concerned, anything from jeans to suits, slacks to dresses would be fine. The Opening night tends to be the one to dress up, but wear whatever makes you feel comfortable as you are there to be entertained. The Nutcracker usually means wintertime, so what to dress up in winter should not be a difficult choice. For instance, sometimes it gets quite hot even in winter. Once in the New York City Ballet at the New York State Theater sans tie and open collar with white half sleeve dress shirt and black slacks. There is rarely seen the formal black coat, white tie, sash, and gloves, but basically those are only for state occasions, weddings, and funerals. The best dress to wear is what you would wear to go to Church or to a fairly nice restaurant or when you want to make a good impression on someone but you are not quite sure who. Simple is this, wear what looks good and decent, should it be formal or casual. Your purpose is to enjoy yourself more than anything else.

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