How profitable is air conditioners business in Pakistan

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I want to open an electronics shop, especially of air conditioners and want to know if it is profitable here in Pakistan or not. I cannot open a big shop, but a small one. Please suggest what should I do?

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  1. James Augustus

    Air conditioning is a kind of cooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection that modifies the condition of air. An air conditioner is an appliance, designed to control the air temperature and humidity within an area. Air conditioning is a process using a refrigeration cycle but sometimes using evaporation.
    In Pakistan air conditioning is a booming business. Many companies have started their businesses and earned the profit of millions within no time. There is no doubt that it is very successful business in Pakistan but only for those who know about its technicality and market.

  2. Danial

    Due to the climate Air conditioning businesses are quite successful in Pakistan, especially in larger cities. Definitely if you have a big setup you will be able to deal with big corporations and hence making more money. But I cannot say about small scale sir conditioning business. I would advise you to do proper market research before taking your business live and do some paper work to record stats and identify the areas that create opportunities for you.
    On the other hand, I feel starting with smaller scale is a good idea, as chances of loss get very less then. But in small scale air conditioning business, you will definitely have limited profits.

  3. Guest23203185

     Yes, as climatic conditions in most of the bigger cities in Pakistan create requirement of ACS, so as a business it can go great guns…. You should start it right away, but it’s good to check out all things first so you do not have any big hurdle in managing things!
    Good luck for your business!

  4. Xpert

    The conditioners business is the profitable business in Pakistan, the best market that you can get is in summers. It would be much profitable for you, if you can get the cotracts with some organisations. 


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