How post your ads on eBay classified?

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I just want to know, how I can post any ads to eBay classified! Please tell me detail procedure.

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  1. Angelina

     Posting publicity on eBay classified is absolutely free. And there is no ascribe if you deal your piece on eBay Classifieds. The location is completely free, no cords attached! Posting is easy. You have two choices when posting an ad. You may mail as an unregistered or listed user.
    To mail publicity as an unregistered user:
    1. Click on the “Post your Free Ad” tab at the peak right hand corner of any eBay Classifieds page.
    2. Choose a class for your ad.
    3. Enter a name, cost (if applicable) or other charge choices, and description. For expanded outcomes to your publicity, we propose being as comprehensive as likely as to the piece, job, or service you are offering. You have the choice of uploading up to eight photos. Entering your internet note address is needed (it will not be distributed with others). You can furthermore go in your telephone number. Entering your zip cipher is furthermore required. Entering your address (street or intersection) is furthermore an option.
    4. Click on the “Preview Your Ad” button. After reconsidering your publicity you can select to “edit” the publicity or “post” the ad.
    5. Finally, ascertain your internet note for a note from eBay Classifieds. Click the “Activate your Ad” connection in that internet note and your publicity will emerge on the location inside a couple of hours.
    To mail publicity as a listed user:
    1. Go to “Manage my ads’ at the peak right hand corner of any localized eBay Classifieds page
    2. If you are currently a listed client, easily signal in to your account on the right hand side. If you desire to list bang on “create an account”.
    3. To conceive an account, go in your internet note address in the field.
    4. To entire registration, bang on the connection in the internet note that we dispatched to you at the internet note address you entered. Make certain to ascertain your spam or junk posted letters folder if you don't glimpse our internet note immediately.
    5. Once you bang on the connection and affirm your internet note address with us, you will be inquired to conceive a password and nickname for your account. After this data has been went into bang “create account”.
    6. Your account has been created! As a listed client, you can organize your advertisements without going through your internet note, and you don't require affirming your ads. Just be certain to signal in when you arrive to the site.


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