How much soil does Mount Everest have?

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I am a student of geography and needs to write an essay on the topic How much soil does Mount Everest have? Is there anyone who can help me please regarding my query?

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  1. Angelina

     To work out the plenty and circulation of bacterial and archaeal ammonia oxidizers in alpine and permafrost dirt, 12 dirt at altitudes of 4000-6550 m overhead ocean grade (m a.s.l.) were assembled from the to the north gradient of the Mount Everest (Tibetan Plateau), where the enduring snowfall line is at 5800-6000 m a.s.l. Communities were distinuished by real-time PCR and clone sequencing by aiming at on amoA genes, which putatively encode ammonia monooxygenase subunit A. Archaeal amoA plenty was larger than bacterial amoA plenty in smaller altitude dirt (<or=5400 m a.s.l.), but this position was turned around in higher altitude dirt (>or=5700 m a.s.l.). Both archaeal and bacterial amoA plenty declined suddenly in higher altitude soils. Communities moved from a Nitrosospira amoA cluster 3a-dominated ammonia-oxidizing pathogens community in smaller altitude dirt to groups overridden by a freshly designated Nitrosospira ME and cluster 2-related assemblies and Nitrosomonas cluster 6 in higher altitude soils. All archaeal amoA sequences dropped inside dirt and sediment clusters, and the percentages of the foremost archaeal amoA clusters altered between the smaller altitude and the higher altitude soils. These outcome suggest that the move in the relation plenty and community structure of archaeal and bacterial ammonia oxidizers may outcome from assortment of organisms acclimatized to altitude-dependent ecological components in increased soils.

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