Oil consumption 2004 Honda Foreman 450 ?

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I use Lucas hypoid gear oil which is available at auto zone are advanced auto parts. Just look for gear oil and go look at the Lucas products and read and it will say for use in hypoid gear oil and that is what you use its 10 bucks but it is not bad as for my oil changes all I use is AM oil. It is the best gn4 does not do it for me a new plug every ride and oil change every three drive me mad though my bike runs perfect. It is a 2004 450 foremen 4x4 good luck and run synthetic through your bike and proves to be long lasting. I put exhaust and a uni filter Mud Lite XTR 27 which the bike rather eats.

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  1. Harry

     This is a very common question that most people ask who are using the Honda Foreman 450, 2004 model. Most users have the same concern that the Honda Foreman 450 eats a lot of oil as a result of which it proves to be quite expensive. This is one of the main reasons why such a low number of people are having this bike. On the other hand, people having Honda Foreman instead of a bike or a car expect this to be economical. They believe that they can enjoy the drive of a car on something which is more or less like a motor bike. This all proves to be wrong when it ends up in huge expense in mileage. However, it is recommended to use 5W-30 for every other model Honda built in year 2004.

  2. Guest10448962
    Honda forman wont run unless head lights are on

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