How much to wait until I am eligible for Canadian citizenship?

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I am an Indian originally and immigrated less than a year back to Canada through the Indian embassy and I currently reside in Ontario. But I was thinking that it was time for me to get a Canadian citizenship but that obviously has its rules, legibility options and many more. So I was thinking if someone would provide me with the needed information regarding taking up the Canadian Nnationality then what should be my legibility options the procedure and all the policies. But most important of all, can someone tell me how much time do I have to wait until I am legible for applying?

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  1. John

    If you are an adult then, you will have to obtain an application form.
    Read the instruction guide carefully before filling out the form
    Fill out the application form and attach the necessary documents.
    Pay the fee in Canadian currency and get the necessary receipt.
    To pay your fees on the internet, you must have a visa and a valid email address.
    To pay your fees at a financial institution in Canada, you must obtain an authentic payment receipt form and forward the completed form with your application.
    Mail the application form and documents.
    The waiting time required in order to acquire citizenship is 3-4 years after immigration. You are also going to need; to be able to communicate in English or French and have enough knowledge on Canada and of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship and lastly have a clean record, and are not facing any criminal charges or subject to immigration enforcement.

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