How much is 10 yards of dirt?

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We had some topsoil delivered today. Supposedly it is 10 cubic yards, but it came in a regular large pickup truck with a tilting bed. The pile only covers half of one side of my driveway and is not that deep. We had topsoil delivered a few years ago which came filled to the top of a huge commercial size dump truck and seemed much bigger for about the same $. Does anyone have any experience with how much dirt 10 cubic yards should be? Is there anyone who can help us please regarding our query, actually I need this answer with complete and calculated details. Thank you in advance

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  1. Angelina

     This is a very simple conversion,
    A yard (volume) is one cubic yard:
    1y * 1y * 1y or 1y^3
    One yard is composed of 3 feet
    3f * 3f * 3f = 1 cubic yard or
    27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard
    Therefore, 10 cubic yards of any material is 270 cubic feet
    That also depends upon how deep the soil bed is and how much moisture is in the topsoil. But here are some ballpark numbers:
    A yard of soil will cover a 10' by 10' area to a depth of three inches. In other words, figure a third of a yard per 100 square feet for every inch of depth.
    Length x width x # of inches deep divided by 324 = the number of cubic yards needed for that task.

  2. Guest10418502
    1 yard of dirt is equal to a block of dirt that measures 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft for a total of 27 cubic feet. 10 yards would equal 270 cubic feet.

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