How much does scaphoid bone surgery cost?

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How much does scaphoid bone surgery cost? I really need to know the cost can someone please help me asap.

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  1. James Augustus
    A scaphoid fracture is mostly the result of falling with an outstretched hand landing on the palm. This may result break your forearm bones (the radius), depending on the position of the hand on landing. It normally depends on where you are living and which doctor is operating your fracture. Therefore, the average cost is about $10,000 in Baltimore, NY. It may vary in other states of United Sates. But you may be charged additionally beside the surgery itself. You may need an xray, mri scan as doctor advise. So the cost of the surgery may exceed in other states or even decrease.

  2. Mitchel

    A friend of mine had this surgery. It costs around $12,300 in the Chicago land area.She had to get a CT scan and an MRI before. The CT I think was around $2300 and the MRI was $4000.


  3. Kelly K
    Depends on where you are and which doctor you see but on average this surgery costs about $11,000 in Washington DC area but there are additional cost beside the surgery itself so you should explain your question more, do you require an xray, mri scan (i'm sure you do), like i said depending on number of things the cost could be between 11-16k. thx

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