How much does a MRI scan cost?

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How much does a MRI scan cost and what are some different types of MRI scans. also what is the best way to get this price down. should i travel to developing country?

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  1. Guest21496957
    IT DEPEND WHT ARE OF JUDGEment there dealing with for example if u are paying for it or the doctors assigment is to examine their patient to findout whts wrong with their patient so they can solve the solution if to find out more from me rock chic go on http//im dumb and i need theres more to find out problems with solutions like this

  2. Kelly K
    Cost of MRI scan depends on many different things and there are many different kind of scans: Brian MRI Shoulder MRI Back MRI and the list goes on. the cost mainly is determined by what type of scan it is and what part of the world you live in. Please let me know where you live and i'll try to find out the costs for you.
  3. Guest14544394
    I had to get an MRI on my brain to find out why I was having seizures, it didn't cost me anything but I got in a conversation with the doctor about the cost and I believe she said it was around $2000. And you were able to get another MRI for free, even though it wasn't 100% sure another was needed? I kept having seizures when I looked at screens (well I had 3 in 3 months..), and I was denied twice for an MRI till they finally gave in. (at my doctor's urging) I know I would never be able to get another one.
  4. Guest12086493
    I had 2 full MRI scans of the brain and spine to diagnose if I had lesions that would explaine my diagnoses of MS! (Multiple Sclerossis). The reason for two MRI's is because I wanted a second opinion from a different neurologist. Both procedure's took around 45mins, even though both scans showed the same results, the cost to me was $0.00!!! Thank God I live in Canada! How do the people live in the USA??? I guess they really don't! Or they go bankrupt! Get Universal Health Care, like the rest of the developed world!!!!!

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