How much did apollo 11 cost in total?

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How much did apollo 11 cost in total?

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    One US Dollar was equal (and physically) once ounce of silver. With silver at $20.00 an ounce, due to the Federal Reserve printing so many paper dollars, the cost today would easily be 20x more. $4.6 Trillion in todays US dollars By contrast, China's Dec 12, 2013 unmanned rover and program price has not been disclosed, but the previous lunar landing was around $148.2M USD in todays money. NASA's huge overhead may be inhibiting real space and science exploration. If just 1/4 of NASA's budget was put into the Google X Games (for space), some estimate that it would return 64 times the innovation and results as NASA.

  2. Guest28044189

    The Apollo space program costed 25.4 billion dollars in all.

    The Apollo 11 program costed 355 million dollars.

    The rocket (Saturn-V) costed 7.4 million dollars(Including launch,developmetn,ect. and it was in 1969 dollars) of that 355 dollars.

    And then the rest of the money was for manned earth orbit,lunar probes,launchers,and the spacecraft

  3. Guest21519586
    25.4 billion dollars
  4. Guest15208865
    i need help for my apollo 11 project
  5. Guest15019241
    no 375 million(equivilent of 1.75 billion)
  6. Guest11376554
    it cost $230,455,454,901.85

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