How much did Rob Miller Raised on Act Blue

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How much did Rob Miller on Act Blue; Joe Wilson's Democrat opponent in the 2010 election—Rob Miller, a Marine for 13 years tried dipping his fingers in raising funds, does anyone know how much he raised on Act Blue?

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  1. Cointreau
    Wow. Just wow. This Rob Miller dude is simply amazing.

  2. Guest11368982
    Neither will raise much more if unemployment, taxes and inflation continue to go up at the current pace
  3. Guest11301098
    As of 5PM EST almost $500K
  4. Guest11297067
    He's past $300,000 now, and the amount keeps growing. You can see for yourself on ActBlue
  5. Guest11295729
  6. Guest11294798
    He raised over 100k you can find more information on it by clicking on the link below:

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